Saturday, May 2, 2009

St. Therese to a struggling seminarian

I forget if I mentioned this other book I have read called Maurice and Therese by Bishop Ahern. The book details the relationship between St. Therese and a seminarian. The letters show forth her great love for seminarians and I find her words speak to me as well. Here is a small excerpt and some words of great encouragement. Just imagine a saint speaking directly to YOU! :)

“Don’t think you frighten me by speaking of “your best years wasted.” As far as I’m concerned, I thank Jesus who has looked at you with a look of love as once He looked at the young man in the Gospel. More fortunate than he, you have faithfully responded to the Master’s call. You have left everything to follow Him, and you have done so at the most beautiful age of your life, at eighteen. Ah, my brother, you can speak as I do of the mercies of the Lord. They shine in you in all their splendor. You love St. Augustine and St. Mary Magdalene, those two for whom “many sins were forgiven because they loved much.” Me too; I love them. I love their repentance, and especially their loving boldness. When I see Magdalene coming forward before all those guests, washing with her tears the feet of the Master she adored, Whom she was touching for the first time, I sense that her heart understood the depths of love and mercy in the Heart of Jesus. And sinner though she was, this loving Heart was ready not only to forgive her, but still more to lavish upon her the blessings of His divine intimacy and lift her to the heights of contemplation.”


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