Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A short poem on Priestly Identity

"Oh Priest, who are you?
Not through yourself,
since you are from nothing,
Not for yourself,
since you are mediator of men,
Not to yourself,
since you are the spouse of the Church,
Not yours, since you are servant of all,
Not you, since you are God.
Who are you then? You are nothing, and all."

Saint Norbert

Ok I have to be honest. This saint name cracks me up. But he did found a religious order that continues to this day. In fact, a number of the Norbertines of Orange, CA study at the Angelicum with me. The Dominicans call them their younger brothers. It might be because they both wear the white habit. I never for the life of me know how they keep the thing clean. Anyways, you might be interested to check them out or the life of St. Norbert so I have provided some links.

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