Monday, May 4, 2009

On learning

"To study well, we must know the true end for which we study. We must not study in order to nourish our vainglory or to gratify our curiosity; but we must study in order to sanctify ourselves and edify our neighbor. There are some who wish to know merely for the sake of knowing; this is detestable curiosity. Others wish to know in order to become known; this is execrable vanity. Others, again, study in order to sell their science; this is filthy lucre. But there are others who study in order to be able to edify their fellow men; this is charity. Others, again, study in order to edify themselves; this is wisdom. The two latter classes of students only do not abuse knowledge; for they study only to do good."

- St. Bernard of Clairvaux

That's what keeps me going whenever I'm feeling tired from study - I'm not here for myself. Everything I do here and everything else I do outside of the seminary I want to do for the greater glory of God as Colin likes to say.


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