Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy to be Home

I keep telling people how happy I am to be home, that is my second home at the North American College. But it was made much more evident to me today. I came down with something overnight. Talk about miserable. We have just started conferences on spiritual life and conversion and I am stuck in my room trying to keep my head on straight.

Yet it has been a simple and easy moment to observe the day more closely. First, my diocesan brother called me up in the morning to ask if I wanted breakfast. By noon, someone else figured out I was missing and brought me pranzo. I met one of our recently ordained deacons on the hall who offered to bring me communion later. And to top it off, the rector dropped by to see how I was doing. News gets around quick at the college I guess.

But a day like this, though miserable as I was in the flesh, gave me a great joy in realizing I am in a seminary with men who are invested in each other. Maybe this is just more evidence of the good state of our seminary. I am not quite sure but I am enjoying it, albeit from my room.


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