Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back Home

photo by seminarian brother Luke

The 7 days of silence are over. Honestly, the days kind of merged into one super long day. Getting back, I feel like I have not even been gone a day. And good news, the 49ers won their first game! Retreat was powerful if not super intense. I always find the silence incredibly intimidating. But the Lord never fails to provide his grace, especially in those moments of trial. Perhaps my retreat can be summed up in one quote, paraphrased, that I heard during spiritual direction:

A man's love for God is only in measure to his knowledge of God's love for him.

So much of my retreat was caught up in recognizing all the ways God has blessed me throughout my life, through the gift of life itself, the gift of faith, the gift of family and friends, the gift of this vocation, and on and on. My own realization of God's love for me became a means to love God more deeply and as a result want to live only and completely for Him.

photo by seminarian brother Luke

Anyways, good to be back and now on to preaching practicum. Perhaps, if one of my homilies merits enough kind feedback from my critics (seminarian brothers and priest advisor), I will post it up here. We'll see. :)


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