Thursday, June 4, 2009

Praying up a Storm

I recently received a card from Sacred Heart parish in Red Bluff telling me that a special novena was prayed for me through the intercession of St. John Vianney.

I am always thankful to receive these cards because it reminds me how much and how many people are constantly praying for myself and my vocation. I tend to attribute the graces I receive to the love of God and my own prayer. But I always forget that so many graces are obtained for me through the prayer of others who are constantly at work in the Lord's vineyard.

So I give thanks for all those who pray for me. I know a number of parishes who do this for all of us seminarians. THANKS!

This card also reminds me of what awaits. It is almost as if I am can hear them calling me home to serve as a priest. I was just talking to a fellow seminarian this evening, reflecting on how many years have already passed by so quickly in the seminary, and yet still feeling just as anxious and excited about jumping straight into ministry as the day I entered seminary. There is something about priesthood that never changes for me. There is something that excites me to no end. I think it is the grand adventure to work with Christ in the greatest mission of all, saving souls.

They left some words from St. John Vianney for my own meditation so I end with these words:

"Let us go often to the foot of the Cross. We shall learn there what God has done for us and what we ought to do for Him."


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