Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tanks, Thinks, Thanks

Here's a poem which I started writing over a year ago but was only completed this night. This is my own way of expressing the world's desire for peace and unity. It is a sad reality to watch the world as it cries for help to save humanity from falling apart. In this season of Lent, as much as we desire for our own inner peace, we just can't ignore the fact that our passion for peace should help us shape the world into a more humane place where God's love and mercy can be experienced by all. After all, this is the message of Hope that Christ had won for us in the Cross. AMDG

Groups of mourning voices, shouting and begging,

For a drop of quenching peace, that is all they're praying;

Essence turns ambiguous, as one's freedom is translated to dying

Power is equated with fighting, and living is all about killing.


Beliefs against beliefs, uprising, terrorism, political pressures,

Bombs, guns, bullets; war was blindly chosen among measures;

Pieces of dreams were shattered, security was threatened,

An eye for an eye, a life for a life, all defenses were weakened.


With the blink of an eye, light turned into darkness

Irreconcilable differences led to broken promises;

Thousands of blooded faces & wounded hearts,

Unstoppably annihilated by tons of raging TANKS.


While the sun is setting, anger and hatred hostage the night,

The horizon of hope is moving farther away from sight.

Sounds of violence conquer what's left in freedom and right

As flashes of defeat and death cripples the remaining sparks of light.


Thick dark clouds veils the shining grace of the moon

Turning the face of the earth into a pitch-black zone

Revealing nothing but the truth of an ongoing abomination

Every soul is wandering towards an existential desperation.


This night, sparks of gunfire and bombs are the sole lights that blinks

The innocent land feeds on cold bodies; while on wasted bloods it drinks!

There must be other options, some grounds, some common links:

where the heart peacefully breathes, the soul calmly lives, the mind rationally THINKS.


In the midst of suffering, death and horizon of hopelessness,

There must be a way out, somewhere beyond the restlessness;

Is it beyond the land buried in land mines? Or across the valley of tears?

Is it above the Wuthering heights? Or under the Lebanon's Cedar trees?


Their bodies are willing to die, but their souls are still fighting for life

They are exhausted in fears, but their hearts are still fighting the strife;

In their existence fueled by uncertainty, there's still room for life to strive

There's still courage that lingers within; There's still hope that can thrive!


Just when it seems that the world is slowly fading into pieces of dusty blanks

And history seems to write that life is nothing but this world's biggest pranks

There's still Someone above us who will govern ultimately all the human-made ranks,

There's still His undying truth of salvation that we all have to give THANKS.

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