Saturday, March 7, 2009

Soccer Victory!

Every year there is a soccer tournament, the Clericus Cup, here in Rome where the seminaries face-off against each other for soccer glory. This year, after starting off with a victory over the Gregorian squad and a forfeit to another squad (sadly due to IPF Symposium...), the North American Martyrs faced off against Mater Ecclesia, the defending champions of the Clericus Cup.

After a few opportunities on both sides of the ball, including a shot off the crossbar late in the game, neither team was able to score, forcing the game into a shootout. Each team had 5 shots on goal. NAC went first and scored and Mater Ecclesia followed with a goal. NAC scored again but Mater Ecclesia missed their next shot and that would be the turning point. The NAC men were able to capitalize, scoring on every shot on goal, and pulling out an amazing victory over the defending champs. For those of you who don't know, Mater Ecclesia is the Latin American seminary in Rome. I do not have pictures from this game but hopefully this old one give you a sense of the thrill of victory.

I compare it to the U.S. hockey upset of Russia during the 1980 Winter Olympics. WOOHOO!


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