Monday, March 9, 2009


Since this will be my first entry, I thought of sharing one of the things that I'm very passionate about which is poem-writing.To start it of, the poem which you will be reading is written a month ago (02-02-09) as I prepare myself for this Holy Season of Lent.The poem is entitled "The Prodigal". I'm assuming that most of us are familiar with the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32).Lent is a time for coming closer to God, a time to return to the very heart of our Father. Though, the point of this poem might have sounded so typical or just another cheesy reflection on the parable and on this Lenten season, this poem is written in a different angle. There's a twist! I wrote this not from the perspective of a Son but from the Father's. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Godbless

Walk now my little child,

Go on and embrace the life you have

Fear no more, for love, to you will guide

Just walk now my little child.


Feel the wind rushing and blowing

Take time in breathing, inhaling, exhaling

Be calm, endure the breeze it’s giving

Just feel the wind rushing and blowing.


Run now my child as if there’s no tomorrow

Leave behind all of your fear and sorrow

Face the sun, its light you have to follow

Just run now my child as if there’s no tomorrow.


Go on, little one, don’t you stop moving

Let the world k now that you are still living

Turn your heads up high, forget about hiding

Just go on, little one, don’t you stop moving.


Take a look; see what you’ve been missing

The birds singing, the earth’s own breathing

Watch the people smiling, the young one’s playing

Just take a look; see what you been missing.


Forward, follow where life can take you

Don’t let hills and rocks hinder you

Let your passion and dream strengthen you

Just forward, follow where life can take you.


A little more and you’ll soon be there

No turning back, don’t let your soul wander

Contain yourself; you know you are no further

Just a little more and you’ll soon be there.


Enter my child, at last you are here

After moments of anticipation, you’ve arrived my dear

The place you once lost, is here to stay forever

Just enter my child, at last you are here.


Come closer, calm down your heavy heart

Smile little one, for you have found the lost part

Don’t be afraid, for we will never be apart

Just come closer, let me calm down your heavy heart.


You’re here, where your love will once again can bloom

No more worries, for here you have your own room

I’ll keep you safe, never be away from my bosom

Welcome back, welcome to the place you once called home.

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Colin said...

:) Beautifully said.