Monday, September 8, 2008

Some Good Vocation News...

The North American College, the United States' Catholic seminary in Rome, has its largest class of incoming New Men in 40 years with a total of 61 new seminarians and giving the house about 208 seminarians and 5th year priests in formation. There is an article about this too. And it's an amazing diverse group too. Almost all the men are under 30 and it is amazing to see the variety of vocation stories, how the Lord has and continues to call men to be his priests. For anyone who has called for the end to the priesthood as it is today, these men give witness to a Church that is alive and well. And here is a picture to give you some more evidence. :)

Hopefully we are all encouraged to know that we are not alone as we continue to discern the Lord's calling in our lives. Many have gone before us and many continue to be called this very day to be priests of Jesus Christ or as the Archdiocese of NY says, todays heroes.


Sean said...

First comment, son.

Pax et bonum! Hey Colin, I couldn't find you in the photo...then I thought that you were probably the one taking the picture.

Thank you for this blog and for your efforts to update it (and also Matt). Raj and Rence need to get on the ball. :)

I particularly appreciated your vocation story. I am truly happy that you are part of a large class of men at the NAC. You and your brothers make me very hopeful about the future of the Church in the U.S.

Be assured of my prayers.

Colin said...

Haha...Raj and Rence are just getting used to seminary life and formation. That is enough work in itself. :)

Yes. Let us pray for more vocations too. So much work to do.