Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture Highlights of my first year of Seminary

Today is the birthday of my best friend Jeremy Lamb, of the Diocese of Fresno. We met last year as we both entered our first year of college at Mt. Angel Seminary. We bonded quickly because of similar age, music, movies, food, and prayer life. This past summer he discerned that he was not ready to continue his seminary education so he joined the United States Marine Core. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to post this picture review of the year.

Michael Andrade, Chris Gray, and Jeremy Lamb and I are about to summit Multnomah Falls

Jeremy, Adrian and I before we left for Christmas Break.

Yeah I was that close to BXVI. = )

Gabriel Kang and I at the Papal Youth Rally

In NYC for the Papal Visit, Michael and Chris are eating pizza

Diocesan Brother Jason Handcock

All Saints Day
( I am portraying Fr. Liem, Jeff Mattern is Fr. Martin, Trevor Ball is Fr. Paschal)

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Matt & Sarah & Mateo Miller said...

Cousin--You are so favorite is the picture from All Saints Day...I know now what you will look like in the future! But how nice it will be to have a priest in the family! When are you coming to visit?

Hugs, Sarah