Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello there guys...

I'm writing to let you know that here in Mexico City we are working really hard in the preparation of the 2008 Conference for seminarians in Hispanic Ministry. During the last Conference, the Hispanic Seminary here in Mexico City was designed to be the host this year.

The reflection this year is about the Migration phenomenon, but the analysis will be about real situations in the lives of the migranst before they arrive in the USA.

Today’s Migrant Christ.

Migration, a global phenomenon that gives life and hope to new generation, is also the font of a mixture of culture, religion and some other aspects of humanity worldwide.

Every year a large amount of people walks the earth looking for a better way of life and there is something in particular that we, future pastors of the Church, care about, they carry their faith with them.

At this very moment, more than forty million migrants from foreign countries live in the US, and the number increases as the time goes by. Most of these people are Catholics from all over Latin America and mostly of them are from Mexico and Central America, that’s why the focus of the new Annual Conference for Seminarians in Hispanic Ministry – VISIONS, Today’s Migrant Christ – is the migratory phenomenon.

One goal is to give our seminarian guests an analysis of migrant families from four different campus of knowledge: Politics, Religion, Psychology and Anthropology. This way, we -seminarians in Hispanic Ministry- will have some tools to attend our migrant faithful.

VISIONS, Today’s Migrant Christ, will take you out of your US context and insert you in a Latin American context to give you a general view of the roots of the migratory phenomenon.

Within this vision, the topics to discuss will be: Migratory Laws, Deportations, Human Rights and Economic Impact.

A pastor from the Church will make an analogy between the Sacred Family and the Actual Migrants.

A specialist will analyze the migratory families as well as the individuals themselves from a psychological point of view, this will embrace: Family, Enculturation, Affectivity and Identity.

The migrant phenomenon will be viewed Sociologically and some History will complete the theme.
VISIONS, Today’s Migrant Christ, Mexico 2008 will give you a great experience of culture and knowledge.

For more info, you can email me or in where you can find a link to a pdf that has the program of activities.

Best wishes.

Alberto Enriquez

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great idea! I pray that it goes well for you and that the goal of the conference is met. I'm not sure if we have a group from our seminary going..

Take Care Alberto and Good luck!