Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in Rome

Well folks, I never thought I would see it, but it is actually snowing in Rome. We'll see if the snow 'sticks' around though. :)

Here the snow is just starting to fall a bit.

Now it's picking up.

It's covered over the chapel and the courtyard.

Our campo sportivo is now a winter wonderland.

Me heading out the door to check out Rome under a blanket of snow.

Another shot.

Italians trying to drive in this...yikes!

Snow angel...

St. Pete's covered in snow.



Brian Soliven said...

Dang it! Im missing everything! First the pope, now snow!!!!! What's next, the Parousia?!?

Colin said...

Well hopefully that'll happen everywhere at the same time for everyone. I sure hope you don't get bumped for that...