Thursday, February 18, 2010

My House Job

Lent started yesterday and so did my house job. Most of us in the house have some kind of house jobs throughout the year, like sacristan, magazine editor, sports prefect, etc. I'm the assistant Lenten Station Church Coordinator. Talk about a title. :)

For an idea of what the Lenten Station Church thing is all about check out our website. This is a tradition that goes back to as early as the second century where the pope would visit the different communities in Rome as a way to foster unity. The NAC only recently started up the Station Church tradition for English speakers.

So I have been and will be leading people, mostly seminarians, out to the different Lenten Station Churches, hopefully on time and to the right location.

I joined on to an initiative with some fellow brother seminarians and one former NAC guy now priest who happen to blog as well and we are attempting with our combined efforts to cover all the Station Churches with a blog post. So feel free to check out Victor's, Doug's, Dave's, Fr. Rust's, Francis', and Andrew's blogs as we proceed through Lent. I will post once a week or so on a different church but with our combined efforts, you can get a glimpse into every single one.

Happy Lent to one and to all.


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