Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pope Benedict's Thoughts on the Priesthood

picture by miqul

Pope Benedict's thoughts on priesthood:

"The essential foundation of priestly ministry is a deep and personal bond to Jesus Christ. Everything hinges on this bond, and the heart of all preparation for priesthood...must be an introduction to it." (Cardinal Ratzinger, Called to Communion, 1996)

"This is the profound meaning of being a priest: to become a friend of Jesus Christ. We should commit ourselves again to this friendship every day...This means that we must know Jesus in an ever more personal way, listening to him, living together with him, spending time with him." (Homily at Chrism Mass, 2006)

"Let us not be consumed with haste, as if time dedicated to Christ in silent prayer were time wasted. on the contrary, it is precisely then that the most wonderful fruits of pastoral service come to birth. There is no need to be discouraged on account of the fact that prayer requires effort, or because the impression is that Jesus remains silent. he is indeed silent, but he is at work." (Address to Clergy in Cathedral of Warsaw, 2006)


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