Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back in Rome

The great thing about visiting and really living in a new place is that you form a new family. The sad thing is that you always have to leave it behind when you go.

It was a real joy to spend Christmas and the New Year in Madrid with the Missionaries of Charity and the many volunteers and men who lived in the houses. And honestly, I was sad to go. Yes I did and still yearn for the comforts of home (like laundry facilities) but ultimately it's the people that make it home. Madrid became like another home but like all the others, there comes a time to leave. So I packed my bag and headed out in the door in the darkness of the morning knowing the good I leave behind and unsure of the many goods that await back here in Rome. I want to pass on some of my stories but I will leave that for this weekend. Here is the chapel in the house for men with AIDS.


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