Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Advice from Someone on Leave

I would not usually post part of a letter from a guy who recently left formation but I thought what he said was very relevant and I assume he would not mind if I put this on the blog. Here are some of his words on leaving.

"Basically, it just became clear that I needed to step back and see where God was leading me in all of this. I have had a lot of peace with the decision and prayer has been better than ever. So I feel good about it all right now. It just seemed like I was trying to achieve the priesthood rather than receive it, which is never a good thing (as my formation advisor back at SJV had said, "Mary didn't say she was going to be the Mother of God come hell or high water"), so it seemed prudent to get a bigger perspective by stepping out for a while."

I think it's wise advice, especially for us in formation. There comes a point in time where the zeal for the priesthood can wear off a little bit, it has for me, and you have to ask yourself why you are really here. And if the doubts and questions set in, you need to address them, not just press on the gas petal.


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