Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Dangerous Prayer

One of my brother seminarians on my hall was telling his vocation story and he said the following: "And then I said that dangerous prayer that we all know about..."

What's that dangerous prayer?

It's probably the one Mary said much of her life.

"Lord, show me your will and I will follow you always."

You say that prayer and you entrust God with everything. And He takes you on the craziest ride of your life.

Almost every seminarian and religious I have ever met has had some sort of experience like this. It is the letting go and letting God lead. It is no longer saying what do I want with my life but rather what does God want me to do with my life. It is that reorientation.

And the moment that occurs, the moment that begins, is really the true beginning to our lives. Because then God can really get inside us and lead us where He knows we are called to go. And we can rejoice that we are fulfilling the deepest desire of our hearts and God's. It's good stuff. :)


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