Sunday, November 15, 2009

4th Central Hall

Well I thought it was about time for a random post.

Here at the NAC we all live on different halls. Each floor has a hospital wing (because it looks out over the hospital next door), a central wing (because it connects the two other wings), and the convent wing (because it looks out over the convent). We have about three floors of this so our house is divided into about 9 halls. We have a nice rivalry between halls that culminates with our Christmas decorating contest this December.

But I thought I would give you a very small glimpse onto my hall. We are one of the smaller halls and tend to be a bit more monastic in outlook, that is quiet and early sleepers.

This is our lounge. It's usually stirring very early in the morning with a pot of coffee.

You can find this one on a few of our doors. There are some seminarians known to invade the lounges of other halls in search of food. We try to keep that to a minimum around here.

It helps that we have a scorpion killer on our hall...

We also have a number of safety precautions in case of emergency.

Yes, spitting is a problem around here.

And a couple of views from my door.


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