Monday, July 27, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to be a Celibate

These are largely in jest. Please don't take me too seriously.

10. You come home to a quiet house, usually.

9. You don't have to remember nearly as many anniversaries and birthdays, that is, unless you have a big parish staff.

8. No arguments about money! You don't have a lot.

7. Don't have to wake in the middle of the night for baby. Instead you can get up for the sick and dying.

6. No one complains about the state of your room.

5. Everyone invites you over to dinner. Just think about all the possibilities.

4. You don't have to call anyone to tell them you will be out late, except the secretary.

3. No one forces you to go shopping with them.

2. You get a deep experience of 2 vocations, both celibate and married. As a priest, you are celibate but you are also at the constant service and ministry of the family.

1. You give witness of our future state in life, where we are not married or given in marriage, but united in heaven with our God.

Convinced? Well luckily we have openings. Call your vocation director today! :)



Anonymous said...

Certainly there are MUCH better reasons to be celibate. There are. If you are trying to convince men, especially in todays loved starved society, focus on the positive only! The union with God and His Church! All the beautiful blessings of the priesthood.
It's probably especially wise not to use the example of a sweet little baby waking you up in the middle of the night because it would be their own, and when it's your own it's quite different. The love of your child makes that sacrifice rather easy. Same with shopping.
There are so many more beautiful things about the priesthood to focus on then trying to make the beautiful aspects of married life seem less than pleasant.
Over all, it made for a good laugh.

Colin said...

I'm sorry if this post was in any way offensive. I had no such intention. I likewise agree that there are so many beautiful aspects of the priesthood to focus on and I hope we have done that a lot in past posts.

If anything, the humor in this post may give a more relaxed way of reflection on the idea of the celibate life. Both celibacy and marriage are beautiful states that serve for the glory of God.