Sunday, August 30, 2009

Farm of the Child

This program seems too awesome to be true. It's a Catholic group that raises needy children in Honduras. Their work looks amazing. I have no doubts about their desire to love the Lord and through that love, to share it with others. Just look at their mission statement:

In gratitude for the great love that Jesus Christ gives to us, we decide to unite ourselves to form a community to care for needy children and to promote the development of a productive society of devout Christians

They do offer like 2 and 1/2 year volunteer assignments. I wish I had heard about this when I finished college.

Anyways, just giving you some ideas if you are struggling with discernment and need some hands on work to let God speak to you.



Peter said...

it says i need a login and password :(

Colin said...

ooo...try searching Farm of the Child on Google or something. Sorry about that.

Andrea said...

Sorry about the password access mix-up. We just rehosted our site and apparently some security settings were set inadvertantly. I think I have fixed the problem. Let us know if you still cannot access the site.