Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's slowing down

It's slowing down on the blog I mean. This week will be the last week of classes at St. Patrick's followed by finals week. So you can imagine it's busy around here! Despite the usual stresses that come with finishing papers and studying for final exams, it's important to still make time for your prayer life. A man can have all of the natural talents in the world - a genius level intellect, a photographic memory, an irresistible personal magnetism, charismatic speaking powers - but still wash out of the seminary or get burned out in the priesthood if he doesn't make time for prayer. Whatever your state in life dear reader, whether you are currently married or considering a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, don't give in to that temptation to put off your prayers because of some temporal business. If you get into the habit of putting them off every time any little thing comes up, it won't be long before you stop altogether. And don't give us that "My work is my prayer" stuff. Remember the Benedictine motto: Work and pray. They are two separate things.

I've managed to finish The Soul of the Apostolate which says everything I've just written much more eloquently and spiritually. The author penned it specifically for those hard working souls who are prone to discount the spiritual life in favor of their apostolic labors - for the Marthas among us. All of the good works that you do should be the result of an overflowing from your prayer life. Don't be a flowing river; be a reservoir of grace, as St. Bernard said. What that means is, whatever it is you do in life, always replenish your interior life through regular prayer.

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Colin said...

YIKES! I'll keep you guys in prayer. We've got another 5 weeks of class left. :)