Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vocation Video

Actually this vocation video is about sisters but it is still very inspiring. In fact, as a Catholic growing up and never seeing religious sisters anywhere, I'm always amazed and awed when I do meet a sister, even today. There is something amazing and unique about their vocations. As a seminarian, I can understand a little about the vocation to religious sisterhood but there is so much more that I can never understand at all.

Most priests I know are diocesan so I'm used to hearing how they felt called to be a priest and serve in the parish. Yet sisters today are called to do so many things. It boggles my mind that you find so many, especially the ones I've met at my old seminary in Menlo Park and here in Rome, who spend their time at work and in prayer. Their entire lives are dedicated to service to God. These certain sisters you won't find out in the parish or running a hospital but cooking and cleaning and washing. An ordinary person might find it so odd to see women finding great joy in these simple lives yet here they are, living, witnessing, and growing into relationship with God. They remind me of Brother Lawrence who said:

“At the beginning of my duties I would say to God with filial confidence, ‘My God, since Thou art with me and since by Thine order I must occupy my mind with these external things, I beg Thee to grant me the grace to remain with Thee and to keep Thee company; but that it may be the better done, my Lord, work with me, receive my labors and possess all my affections.’ Then, during my work, I continued to speak to Him familiarly, to offer Him my little services and to ask His graces. At the end of the action, I used to examine how I had done it. If I found good in it, I thanked God, If I noticed faults, I asked His pardon for them and without being discouraged I purified my intention and began again to dwell with God as if I had not strayed from Him. Thus, rising up after my falls and making a multiplicity of acts of faith and of love, I have arrived at a state in which it would be as impossible for me not to think of God as it was difficult for me to accustom myself to it in the beginning.”

Anyways, I just thought I'd say how amazing it is. In fact, religious sisters really inspire me to continue to live out my vocation and persevere in the call to become a priest. If they can do it, maybe God will give me the grace to do it as well. AMDG.


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