Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Human Formation

There are four major parts of seminary formation: Spiritual, Intellectual, Pastoral, and Human formation. Each element is addressed in different ways in the seminary system. Obviously the intellectual flows from academic studies, spiritual from a consistent prayer life, pastoral from experience in ministry, and then human, which flows from a life of community but also from all sorts of interactions with people in ministry and in other social situations. Each Thursday night at the NAC we have Pastoral Formation nights. Now this can be some dreaded words among seminarians but these nights can actually end up being quite good. These nights cover all sorts of topics on formation. I thought I'd just mention some of the subjects we've covered so far and some of the things we will cover in the future. They're quite interesting...

Receiving Spiritual Direction and Movements of the Heart

Priestly Fraternity and Jesus Caritas Fraternities

Time Management

Intimacy Skills I: Transitions and Relationships

Intimacy Skills II: Cybersex and Pseudo-Intimacy

Spiritual Friendship

Evangelical Counsel of Poverty & Simplicity of Life

Evangelical Counsel of Chastity

Evangelical Counsel of Obedience

Brokenness & Spirituality of Imperfection

The Priest Praying For and With His People

Priestly Identity: Spiritual Physician of Souls

Asceticism in Human and Spiritual Growth

And the list goes on. A number of these are first year conferences. They get more practical in terms of ministry as the years go on.

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