Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who are our role models?

This is my first post so please bear with me. My name is Mat, I'm 19 and I attend Mt. Angel Abbey and Seminary studying for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.

As young boys some of our role models have been: GI Joe, Neil Armstrong, Michael Jordan or even a character in a Mel Gibson movie.

As we grow older we look towards people who are selected in our choice profession. Some might look up to a famous doctor or surgeon, others may look up to a war hero, or some even look up to a mentor in that field.

For us as seminarians we should have a mentor or role model that happens to be a priest or brother. Maybe even a bishop or cardinal for some of us.

My role models in the priesthood have been amazing mentors and confidants to me and to the respective people at their parish. I have had two that have stood out to me the most over the years. They are both Irish born and bred as many of our priests in the diocese and they are Msgr. Albert O'Connor, currently serving Holy Spirit Parish in Land Park, and Fr. Daniel Matigan, founder of the Sacramento Food Bank and currently serving St. Joseph's in Clarksburg. These two are very different Irish priests and have helped form in my opinion what a good parish priest should be. I would sit and hear their stories of personal growth in the seminary and of their growth as priests.

Who have been your role models and what influence have that had on you?

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